Since 1954 Industrie COMETTO S.p.A. has been producing trailers, semi trailers and self-propelled vehicles.
COMETTO has constantly pioneered the implementation of new technologies, researching and developing solutions to meet evermore sophisticated and specific requirements.

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We can point to our involvement in the space Shuttle program and in the French Ariane 5 rocket as evidence of our proud history.
There is a constant transfer of know-how and technologies from the high-tech sector to our production series.
The Technical Office of is one of the biggest and certainly among the most advanced in the field.

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It seeks out the developments in technology to deliver vehicles capable of matching the latest requirements for heavy and abnormal transport, in compliance with the European and local rules.
Programmes have been developed to assist the customers with operational information such as the simulation and visualisation of the steering radius, the determination of the centre of gravity, the calculation of the load distribution on the axles and the vehicle stability .
Our engineering department is at your disposal to fulfil to your special need in heavy duty transport.