Modular heavy load vehicles for payloads from 100 t
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Owing to the modular platform with 2-6 axles, the Cometto MGSL transports highest payloads from 100t up to 5,000t.

With this trailer type, you can reach the highest flexibility in use for the most different fields of activity! It is designed for public roads, off-road transport as well as for inside plant operations.

The MGSL offers seamless interoperability with identical vehicles from several other manufacturers.

This variety of combination options as well as the user-friendly operating concept makes the MGSL a guarantor of flexibility and economy for the most complex heavy-duty transport jobs.

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The Cometto MGSL makes also the most challenging transport task possible! Due to a strengthened loading area, the MGSL reaches point loads up to 50,000 kg above the wheel arches and 80,000 kg above cross members for heavy and concentrated loads.

Another impressive fact: the MGSL has the highest bending moment on the market! Each axle line has a technical axle load at 0,5 km/h from 45,000 kg.

Best maneuverability is guaranteed by pendel-axles with a stroke of 600 mm and the pivot-mounted bogie with a 60° steering angle. Road inclinations (lengthwise and crosswise) can easily be compensated with the important stroke on the cylinders. Pendle-axles ensure optimum ground contact and equal tire pressure under the most difficult circumstances and keep the platform in a horizontal level.

Furthermore, the hydraulic forced-steering permits a maximum driving comfort. The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar. The freely accessible steering rods give an easy and safe adaptation of steering angles.

Thanks to a large package of options and accessories, the MGSL from Cometto can be quickly adapted to all specific transport requirements. Dropdecks are also available in various designs and payload classes.  

Perimeter deck, flatbed deck, excavator deck or a spacer: the customer can choose within a large range of versatile and standardized dropdecks. The MGSL is also available in a self-propelled version and also with split bogies available for 3-file (1+1/2) combination.

The blade lifter BladeMAX650 with a load capacity of 650 mT for the latest mega wind turbine blades can be mounted between MGSL modular axle lines. Same for the tower adapter with a lifting load of 100t that is used for the transportation of wind turbines.

Another helpful tool to optimize the use of these MGSL axle lines is the Falco-software, an open tool to survey axle loads and bending moments.

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