Industrial straddle carriers for the trans-shipment of long loads such as round bars or pipes.
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The MTH by Cometto is the modern concept of straddle carrier, designed for the transport of very long loads or heavy coils in industrial application. The vehicle has a total payload capacity up to 45 tons with a lifting stroke up to 3,200 millimeters.

Straddle carriers offer a fast and efficient method of moving unitized pallet loads over intermediate distances.

The Cometto MTH series is equipped with a combined pneumatic-mechanic suspension and a hydraulic steering system with a maximum steering angle of 30 degrees.


What makes it exceptional?

  • High payloads - up to 45 tons
  • High speed
  • Different lifting principles and hook systems
  • Compact and versatile
  • Gantry-structured shape
  • High cabin

Quick pick up and hauling!

The advantage of the rubber-tired straddle carrier by Cometto is its ability to load and unload without the assistance of cranes or forklifts.

This vehicle principle thus enables to maneuver quickly within industrial facilities.

A good feeling in a high position

The design and the development at Cometto always went in the direction of reaching an optimum driver comfort within the spacious and quit cabin.

The straddle carrier enables an overall stability and ease-of-control even under challenging conditions.

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