the MAX!

Modular and self-propelled transport solutions for oversized loads.

We are the experts for the exceptional

The Faymonville Group is one of the leading full-range manufacturers of special vehicles for heavy load transport and special transport.

The semi-trailers, low-loaders, modular vehicles and self-propelled vehicles that we produce can be used to transport anything exceptionally heavy, long, wide or tall!

Our customers value our reliability and flexibility in offering tailored transport solutions even in the face of difficult challenges. Our vehicles excel with their technical quality and sustainable production methods.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

State-of-the-art infrastructure

In the Faymonville Group, we occupy a pioneering role when it comes to manufacturing technology and production quality in the construction of special vehicles.

Only we manufacture everything ourselves 100% in-house, from the first sheet to the finished vehicle. As a result, we can boast a flawless level of manufacturing and effective quality and process controls.

Our excellent facilities in a production space of 150,000 m² form the foundation for qualitatively unique, high-tech products.

We invest consistently and sustainably in our infrastructure and our qualified employees to maintain and improve our characteristic level of quality.

Five optimally networked sites

Five optimally networked sites

The close integration of production sites plays a decisive role for us in ensuring an optimal production dynamic. All sites deliver to the other sites, and each has its own concentration with its own identity.

  • As the largest manufacturing site in the group, Luxembourg became the centre of technology and development.
  • Belgium is home to the competence centre for automation, robotics and mechanical processing.
  • Poland is the core facility for MAX Trailer and the main supplier of vehicle chassis.
  • The production site in Italy is the specialist for self-propelled vehicles
  • CKD assembly is carried out in Russia.
Short and to the point - Company

Short and to the point

The Faymonville Group at a glance:

  • Independent family company
  • More than 1100 employees
  • Brand portfolio with transport solutions for 15 tonnes to 15,000 tonnes … and beyond.
  • 5 production facilities in Luxembourg, Belgium, Poland, Italy and Russia with a production area of around 150,000m²
  • Production capacity of 3,000 vehicle units per year
  • 245 million euros in sales in 2020
  • Export activities to more than 125 countries