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Cometto's first steps in Cuneo

Cometto's first steps in Cuneo

Cometto's origins date back to 1954, when the first workshop for the manufacture of vehicles, bridge cranes and systems was opened in Cuneo under the name "Officine Cometto".

Due to constant growth, the works relocated to the current location in 1962. The production plant was continuously extended over the years in order to meet the growing demand.

Manufacturing concentrated on various vehicle types that were designed for road transport, extending even to off-road special transport.

Strong solutions even for the most extreme conditions

Strong solutions even for the most extreme conditions

In the shipyard transporter sector, the largest self-propelled vehicle ever built for the transport of production parts weighing up to 1,000 t was designed by Cometto for Hyundai Heavy Industries of South Korea.

Since then Cometto has kept step with developments in industry. Heavy components are continuously produced in the petrochemical and shipyard sectors and need to be transported in a virtually finished condition to the final assembly location.

In the steel construction sector, Cometto has been developing self-propelled vehicles for the transport of iron metallurgy products since 1973.

The main characteristics of this series is its high reliability for continuous operation, even under extreme environmental conditions.

Into space thanks to Cometto

Into space thanks to Cometto

In 1981 the Cometto specialists built the first and largest self-propelled modular system of its time for the Japanese customer Nippon Express. It had a load capacity of 3,000 t.

Among the outstanding Cometto projects is the "Orbiter Transportation System" developed for NASA in 1983.

In 1987 Cometto joined the "Gruppo Bottero S.p.A." and in 1990 was awarded another contract in the space travel sector, because the entire European "Ariane 5" space project relied on Cometto vehicles for the complex transport tasks.

This was followed by numerous further important contracts in various industrial sectors.

Self-propelled standards - Company

Self-propelled standards

Electronically steered self-propelled modules have been part of Cometto's range since 1976. Various new development stages have been added over the years.

The customer can now choose between two product series and four categories, which are characterised by axle load capacities of up to 70 t.

Cometto has been the centre of expertise for self-propelled vehicles within the Faymonville Group since 2017. Following the takeover, the company has found its way back to the right dynamics and has adopted some new products into the range: the Eco1000, the Eco1500 and the BladeMAX.

True to Cometto's motto: Propelled to the MAX!