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The Cometto self-propelled electronic modular trailers (SPMT) provide a complete system for heavy load transportation.

The unique MSPE range features two families with different characteristics, dimensions, payloads, and bending moments, while maintaining core commonalities that allow full interoperability between the different product lines.

  • MSPE 48T
  • MSPE EV03 70T


The widest & most powerful range on the market! 

Unique on the market! 

  • The highest payload on the market
  • Air filled tires as standard
  • The real and only tubeless tires
  • The widest range
  • Myriads of combinations
  • The best corrosion protection on the market
  • The right choice of accessories
  • Safety, availability and efficiency

Cometto offers MSPE series with capacities of up to 70 t per axle line for the EVO3 series – the absolute highest value on the market!

Thanks to its modularity, versatility and manoeuvring accuracy in the tightest of spaces as well as the extensive range of accessories, the SPMT (self-propelled modular transporterfrom Cometto offers the ideal transport solution for every challenge in the heavy categories in sectors such as heavy duty transport, heavy industry, shipbuilding, oil & gas, offshore technology, etc.

Possibility to combine 48t or 70t vehicles, in 2,430 mm or 3,000 mm width version and with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 modular axle lines. The electronic steering guarantees maximum maneuverability and precision through a +135 / -135 ° steering angle. 

MSPE 48T (Standard & Heavy Duty)

  • Robust and versatile. Ready for any heavy duty task.
  • Width up to 3m provides the highest stability on the market.
  • Standard Night Kit : LED equipped above each suspension for an optimum visibility
  • Tubeless tires as standard
  • 16t lifting rings as standard
  • Bending moment:
    48t Standard: 7,250 kN.m
    48t Heavy Duty: 9,400 kN.m

MSPE EVO3 70T (Standard & Heavy Duty)

  • MSPE EVO series with its 70t per axle line has the biggest payload on the market.
  • Thanks to suspension and tubeless tire design, it is possible to drive long distances, steep slopes under full payload capacity and this with a better force spread on the ground.
  • Standard Night kit : LED equipped above each suspension for an optimum visibility
  • Tubeless tires as standard
  • 16t lifting rings as standard
  • Bending moment:
    70t Standard: 7,250 kN.m
    70t Heavy Duty: 9,400 kN.m

The Power Pack Units of the SPMT (self-propelled modular transporterare available in various sizes, depending on the number of driven axles. Side-by-side coupling accessories enable the lateral grouping of several combinations.

The product line is supplemented by a complete range of accessories that overcomes every challenge: telescopic spacer, tilting device, control station with and without seat, load distributor, front and rear lighting, media carriers for side-by-side combinations and adaptors for the lateral mounting of power packs.

For optimum and long-lasting surface protection, Cometto utilises a fully coordinated and carefully optimised surface treatment system.

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