The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020

Lined up for the future!

The Faymonville Group has always been characterized by the great ambitions. Through practical development and the use of cutting-edge technology the brand portfolio is stronger than ever before with innovations especially tailored to meet US market needs. To discover for yourself visit us at Conexpo 2020 in Las Vegas on booth F.2872.

As one of the world’s largest trade fairs, members from all segments of the specialized transportation industry attend Conexpo fait expecting to see the latest product innovations. The Faymonville Group welcomes the opportunity to showcase its latest multi-faceted designs and technical solutions to meet every transport challenge in North America!

The experts for the exceptional!

Discover our world premiere! Eco1000 by Cometto

The Cometto Eco1000 is the new self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicle with integrated Power Pack Unit for in-plant transport jobs up to a payload of 1000 t. The whole concept is based on a future-oriented modular principle and offers an easy plug-and-play configuration.

With the Eco1000, Cometto provides the widest range on the market within this weight segment: the compact vehicle is available with 2, 4 and 6 axle lines, which can be combined with each other up to a maximum of 4 units with interchangeable components, different power pack technologies and a wide selection of accessories.

From brand Faymonville, several different vehicle types will be shown in Las Vegas. 


The steerable 9-axle (3+3+3) HighwayMAX is the ideal trailer for legal payloads up to 170,000 lbs. and anyone looking to cut down on setup time prior to loading while reducing empty weight. Faymonville shows the next generation: the HighwayMAX with an additional 3-axle pin-on nitro-booster to increase the legal payload capacity up to 205,000 lbs.! When transported empty, the booster can be uncoupled and loaded onto the main vehicle making its mobilization faster than any other vehicle in this payload class.


The steerable 6-axle (3+3) single-drop trailer called MultiMAX is a real allrounder that covers a diverse range of heavy haul projects including industrial components, wind energy elements, crane components, and oversize containers. At a length of 53’ and a width of 100” when closed, it can be mobilized fast and without any escorts or permits. From its closed length, the trailer stretches to over 90’ including the gooseneck. The spread between the axle groups can be set at 14’1” or 16’1”. The platform over the steerable axle groups is covered full width to maximize available loading area.


The ultra-low deck height 3-axle double drop with 4th steerable pin-on flip axle helps to increase the legal payload and to ensure more versatility going from state to state. Using state-of-the art king pin steering on all axles, this vehicle is user-friendly while offering new transport possibilities with deck heights as low as 10”. At an axle load of 20,000 lbs., it allows a total legal payload capacity up to 95,000 lbs. When the 4th axle is not needed, it is easy to detach or flip for empty transport to shorten the whole combination.


The DualMAX modular dual-lane trailer excels with its capability to be widened under load in various stages from 14‘  to 20‘. This unique principle is called “lift & shift” and is used when the trailer width is required to be adjusted for infrastructural or legal regulations between states. Unlike with other brands, the steering system of the DualMAX doesn't need to be modified during the widening process and the trailer can remain static, thereby reducing the required space needed to re-configure keeping the overall operation simple and safe with minimal downtime.

The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020
The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020
The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020
The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020
The Faymonville Group at Conexpo 2020
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