Industrial elevating transporters designed for steel mill applications.
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Cometto steelworks transporters are self-propelled and self-loading vehicles having a payload capacity from 20 to 400 tons, designed for the transport of steel mill products.  

The main features of these industrial transporters are the customized platform dimensions and the positioning of the operator cabin over or under the loading platform.

To permit pallet loading and unloading, low and high profile cabin transporters are equipped with a parallel-lifting system that allows the loading platform to be lowered or lifted parallel to itself. The lowering/lifting total stroke is usually between 600 and 700 mm.

A part of the total suspension stroke is used to perform pallet lifting up to its correct transportation height. The remaining part allows the suspension to adapt to the unevenness of the ground or different gradients during transportation.


The ETH is a high-profile cabin transporter that is designed to handle short and concentrated loads. They are designed to ensure a wide visibility from the cabin in each handling phase.

The ETL is a low-profile cabin transporters that can move underneath the pallet after the unloading. This vehicles is used for the handling of long loads, such as bars and pipes.

All-round visibility insured even in case of considerable loading platform lengths by equipping ETL transporters with one cabin at each end. Inserting the injection key in one control board ensures to disconnect the control mechanism on the opposite cabin.

The geometrical configuration of the hydraulic suspension enables raising and lowering of the loading platform. This means maximum safety when handling pallets of any type or dimension without causing stresses within the structures and pressure peaks within the hydraulic circuit.

Each single suspension can be isolated and its axle kept off the floor, with no danger for the elevating transporter safety, in order to carry out maintenance operations or tire change. Each suspension is fitted with pendle-axles of high capacity of 40t and a maximum steering angle of 60° with mechanical version or 135° with electronic version. 

Cometto transporters ensure a limitless maneuverability thanks to the all-wheel steering system adopted. This means that, independently from the number of axles, each individual wheel set is steered in such a manner that the center line of all the wheels meet at a common steering focus.

For ETH and ETL, a specific isolating equipment has been developed to prevent against high temperature and noise. Safety protection for operators is a key feature due to the harsh working condition and heavy duty-cycle typical of this application field.

The elevating transporters are provided with an Automatic Fire Extinguishing System. This special feature further increases the already high standard of safety of the transporter.

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