Self-propelled elevating transporter for the shipbuilding industry.
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The Cometto SYT self-propelled elevating transporter is primarily designed to move ship sections.

With its payload from 100 to more than 1000 tons, heaviest shipyard applications can be carried efficiently.

The SYT is characterized by its versatile combinations. These are represented by its modular design, as well as its widths of five and six meters, and above all by the combination of three to nine axle lines and four suspension capacities: 32, 36, 40 and 45 tons. The SYT by Cometto holds the highest performance on the market!

The long stroke of 700mm determines the compass type and is coupled to the frame by a slew drive.  

Thanks to the reliable electronic steering, it is possible to maneuver easily and safely in narrow areas.


Maximum maneuverability and precision are guaranteed by a steering angle of +130°/-130°.

Even under extreme conditions and in difficult terrain, the lifting system offers smooth transports. It is adaptable to loads and surfaces. The different modes are: equal lifting/lowering, parallel lifting/lowering and single or group suspension lifting/lowering.

The strong and sturdy chassis is made of high grade steel, which brings with it a high yield point and a high safety coefficient.

The entire system is based on the most powerful drive boxes and worm screws. The impressive steering and synchronization is combined in the clear cockpit and the optional remote control.

The tubeless tires provide a secure and safe solution without limitation in distance.

The equipment includes lashing points to lift the transporter with the crane, as well as detachable panels on the roof. These facilitate the maintenance work.

As a result of its new design with a comfortable and ergonomic driving position, its easy and user-friendly handling, as well as the real-time checks through two dedicated displays, the driver has full control over his transporter.

Continuous software updates are available and easy to install by the customer himself.

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