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Become part of our Faymily!

We think high, long, heavyand wide.
We work responsibly, efficiently and cleverly.
We get the job done, put things into practice and find suitable solutions. And we are really proud of what we do.

This makes us an exceptional company, which for some has even become a bit of a family. And the best part is that our Faymily continues further to grow.

Production to be proud of

To transport loads weighing tons, you have to think in other dimensions. This means rolling up your sleeves, trying things out, drawing conclusions, learning and moving on.

This is how our production not only creates special trailers, but also intensive experiences, unique insights and special stories .

A peek behind the scenes

It takes a lot of wo(men)-power to bring our trailers into the world. People in sales, IT, administration and many other areas. People who are innovative, energetic, clever and responsible in their work and who each offer real added value for the whole team in their own field.

Because as an industry leader, we can only present our customers with the best vehicles if we have strong people working behind the scenes.

This is what your future looks like!

There is no better way to start your career!

We offer first-class opportunities to learn and utilise your skills. So that you can grow personally and professionally.

You can choose from a wide variety of apprenticeships in which you can prove yourself day after day. Your talents and strengths are consistently promoted. And who knows, maybe your apprenticeship is just the beginning of an exciting career with us. So: Become a Faymily member!

See for yourself

If you're ready to gain this experience and grow personally, as we do at the Faymonville Group, all that remains to be said is: send us your application.

A strong team, personal responsibility, innovative workplaces, exciting projects, in-house first, career development and a celebration culture await you - join us and find more details on https://jobs.faymonville.group/ 

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