High-performance Power Pack Unit

Cometto offers the possibility to install two sizes of high-performance Power Pack Units: 186 kW and 372 kW.

Proven technology by Cometto

The Power Pack Unit is provided with all the devices for all operations of the single transporter or for the combination of several units.

It is possible to synchronize various Power Pack Units in the case of several power groups being installed at the same time on different trailers that make up the same convoy.

General advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility – only one kind of engine for small and large Power Pack Unit
  • Power Pack Unit interchangeability between mechanically and electronically steered modules
  • Smooth running in the toughest conditions
  • Full control
  • Compliant with all the emission rules

Advantages of the large Power Pack Unit:

  • Twin engine Power Pack Unit
  • Possibility to use only one engine when necessary for less consumption
  • Redundant system
High-performance Power Pack Unit
High-performance Power Pack Unit
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