Explore the twin tyre self-propelled modular trailers with electronic steering!
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The twin tyre ModulMAX SP-E self-propelled modules, part of the Faymonville ModulMAX range, are provided with an electronically controlled steering system.

This technology offers a steering angle up to +/- 140° with a low running height.

A well-known solution that relies on proven technology by Cometto. Functionning is very user-friendly based on a compact remote control

As a result, it is very simple for the operator to work with electronically steered self-propelled transporters in tight areas.


High-performance Power Pack Units

The ModulMAX series offers the possibility to install two different sizes of high-performance Power Pack Units: 186 kW and 372 kW.

The Power Pack Units, proven technology by Cometto, are provided with all the necessary devices for all operations of the single transporter or for the combination of several units.

It is possible to combine several trailers with also different Power Pack Unit sizes. The Cometto software synchronizes the various trailers in big and open compound configurations.

General advantages:

  • Maximum flexibility – only one kind of engine for the small and large Power Pack Unit
  • Power Pack Unit interchangeability between mechanically and electronically steered modules
  • Smooth running process also in the hardest conditions
  • Full and safe control
  • Compliant with all emission rules

Advantages of the large Power Pack Unit:

  • Twin engine Power Pack Unit
  • Possibility to use just one engine when necessary for less consumption
  • Redundant system

The complete ModulMAX trailer range by Faymonville includes technical features that are put to multi-disciplinary use for G-Modul, S-Modul and C-Modul.

Proven pendle-axle technology is applied within the three available modes: Trailer Mode, Assist Mode and Self-Propelled Mode.

The steering system of these vehicle concepts varies between the electronic and the mechanical principle.

Click here to discover the ModulMAX modular vehicle range by Faymonville.

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