Cometto's new SPMT generation

The power to do more - for over 45 years!

Since more than 45 years, we design, manufacture and sell our range of electronic steered vehicles all over the world.

With the latest generation of SPMT’s for transport jobs up to 25,000 tons and beyond, Cometto sets new standards in the industry.

Discover the “Standard” and “Heavy Duty” range, which is the most powerful on the market and fully compatible with previous models.

There is the possibility to combine MSPE 48T (Standard & Heavy Duty) or MSPE EVO3 70T (Standard & Heavy Duty) vehicles in 2,430 mm or 3,000 mm width version and with 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 modular axle lines. 

Up to 70 tons payload capacity per axle line and a bending moment up to 9,400 kN.m are unique advantages.

With our products and technology you’ll reach new levels of efficiency and safety!

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Date of publication: 03/2023

Cometto's new SPMT generation
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