Hofmann expands its range with a BladeMAX1000

In future, the Bladelifter will be mounted on 12 axle lines of the self-propelled Cometto MSPE.

The dynamic wind power industry is developing new and larger components for wind turbines at a rapid pace. This is especially true for rotor blades, where lengths of 85 metres are now commonplace.

Hofmann has responded to this trend by purchasing a Cometto BladeMAX1000 blade lifter. "After thorough research, Hofmann Kran- & Arbeitsbühnenvermietung decided in favour of the top dog among the blade lifters - the Cometto BladeMAX1000 - so that we can keep pace with developments and even have a head start and a payload reserve for the future generation of rotor blades," says Operations Manager Dieter Abt about this significant step.

The most powerful blade lifter on the market

Sales Manager Joachim Kolb acted as contact person for Cometto, describing the product and its uniqueness: "As the name BladeMAX1000 implies, this innovative device has a lifting capacity of 1,000 metre tonnes." With this value, the BladeMAX1000 is a real muscle pack and by far the most powerful on the market.

In future, the BladeMAX1000 will be mounted on 12 axle lines of the self-propelled Cometto MSPE to ensure that the wind blades reach the assembly site over the last few kilometres in the forest or on winding roads in the mountains. In this application, these fully electronically steered SPMT modules have a width of 3,600 millimetres under the BladeMAX and still over 3,000 millimetres further forward. The combination is driven by a powerful 368 kW Power Pack Unit.

Stability for millimetre work

When XXL rotor blades have to be raised by up to 60 degrees because the transport route requires it, stability is an extremely important issue. "After all, this process should still be possible at wind speeds of up to 30 km/h," says Joachim Kolb, explaining the challenge. On the one hand, the large vehicle width of the self-propelled transporter helps here. The patented "Stability Control System" (SCS) integrated into the system also helps.

And this results in up to 30 per cent better stability compared to other systems with the same vehicle width. "We have already developed this functionality in the past for our customers in the aerospace industry to ensure safe transport of rockets," explains Fabrizio Lippi, Technical Director at Cometto. "And with the demanding rotor blade transports, which also have an extremely high centre of gravity above the road surface, it was only logical to pull this system out of the drawer and apply it to the BladeMAX."

Climbing ability even in difficult terrain

Sven Wolter, a true professional at the remote control of a bladelifter, is looking forward to the new machine. "The Cosmo calculation software for stability have convinced us. Added to this are the 12 drive axles, which enable a gradeability of up to 25 per cent on dry asphalt. And even on compacted dry gravel, nine per cent can still be achieved."

The BladeMAX1000 from Cometto also proves to be very innovative when travelling downhill. Sven Wolter: "So that I don't have to constantly use the brakes here, a retarder has been provided, just like on a truck. And should we get into an overspeed range - which we hope will never happen - I can activate the 'shut-off valve' in the exhaust as a final lifeline. This allows the diesel engine to be switched off via the remote control."

Hofmann can now rely on a sophisticated product, as Operations Manager Dieter Abt confirms. "Everything has been thought of with this high-tech device, so we are ideally positioned for the future ... propelled to the MAX."

Hofmann Autokrane in Paderborn with its 140 employees and branches in Brilon and Blomberg is part of the Bracht Group. The Bracht headquarters are located in Erwitte and the group currently has 750 employees. Bracht has been a pioneer in the crane industry since 1964. With 15 branches and more than 1,160 specialised vehicles, customers from the fields of building construction and civil engineering, large-scale industry, petrochemicals and, of course, wind power are supplied nationwide.

Publication date: 02/2024

Hofmann expands its range with a BladeMAX1000
Hofmann expands its range with a BladeMAX1000
Hofmann expands its range with a BladeMAX1000
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