Pump form transport as maiden voyage for Atlas Heavy Projects LLC

The Cometto Eco1000 establishes itself as the compact, self-propelled heavy-duty transport vehicle.

Directly after the vehicle handover and driver training, the first transport was on the agenda. A 114 to heavy compressor was stored in the client’s warehouse.

With the ATLAS’s 700 ton gantry the 5.6 m long – 4.2 m wide and 4.0 m high component was lifted for the new 4-axle Eco1000 self-propelled vehicle could drive under the load.

With a steady hand, the operator steered the new member of the ATLAS fleet into position.

Afterwards the Eco1000 drove in a 4-point support to the reloading place to be placed onto ATLAS’s Dual Lane road trailer for transport to the final destination.

A safer handling of heavy loads

ATLAS president Frank Scheibner says: "A perfect tool - due to the simple changeover from a 3-point to a 4-point support, we can quickly adapt the vehicle to the road and terrain requirements. The Cometto made this job a breeze."  

Cometto Sales Manager Joachim Kolb adds: "And thanks to the vehicle's built-in SDS Stability Display System, the operator is always in the picture if there are problems with the
stability or an overload while driving. In this case, the vehicle automatically warns the operator at an early stage of a possible danger. This is done both visually and acoustically."

A feature in the control system that simply makes handling heavy loads safer.

Publication date: 03/2022

For in-plant moves of heaviest freights, a compact transport vehicle is needed! The solution for these kind of tasks is the self-propelled Eco1000 by Cometto.
US company Atlas Heavy has such a module as 4-axle unit in use. One of their last missions was the transport of a pump form for the power generation industry.
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