Cometto sets another exclamation mark with hybrid solution

There is now also a new, future-oriented solution for the SPMTs.

Thanks to the electric Power Pack, emission-free driving has been possible for some years now with smaller heavy load transport vehicles from Cometto's EMT, and Eco1000/1500 product series. Since the rules have also been tightened with regard to the modular self-propelled vehicles, there is now also a new, future-oriented solution for the SPMTs.

"More and more of our customers are reporting that they are faced with increasingly strict regulations with regard to in-plant tasks", says Cometto's Sales Manager Joachim Kolb, describing the feedback from many of his conversation partners. "Their employees have to evacuate the factory buildings as soon as an SPMT self-propelled vehicle with a diesel-driven Power Pack drives in to pick up a load – even if this action only takes a few minutes." In Scandinavia, for example, the building must be actively aerated following the transport and a release measurement of harmful substances must subsequently be made. Only then may the employees return to their workplaces. "That means a loss of production efficiency in the series production, for example, of wind turbines. And that is an absolute no-go in our view!"

Supply hybrid Power Packs for the modular heavy load range

As a centre of excellence for self-propelled vehicles within the Faymonville Group, Cometto is accordingly setting a further exclamation mark. Fabrizio Lippi, Technical Director at Cometto, describes the innovation: "Following detailed development and a painstakingly advanced implementation, we are now able to supply hybrid Power Packs for our modular heavy load range. It is thus possible to drive into factory buildings propelled by electricity and this 100% emission-free, without the employees having to leave the building."

An ideal system to maintain production efficiency

The system is highly flexible, as Lippi explains. "Outside, the driver switches to diesel drive in order to cover longer distances conventionally and, of course, with particle filter and AdBlue equipment according to the highest emission standard for industrial vehicles, Tier 4 final or Stage V respectively. The batteries can be charged during this process so that they are fit for the next electrically driven assignment, or alternatively recharged by external charger, for employ full power, when the diesel engine and electrical motor work in parallel together – precisely … propelled to the MAX."

Full electric Power Pack Unit for the modular heavy load range available

But that's not all - Cometto is from now on also able to supply a complete, fully electric Power Pack Unit for SPMT applications. After a long experience with hybrid and electric solutions for different special vehicles, these technologies are now also the right choice for SPMT vehicles. “Here we are able to adapt the fully electric drive to the customer's application using different sizes of battery sets”, specifies Fabrizio Lippi.

Fits to the full electronic steered Cometto portfolio

This applies both to the electronically steered SPMT series, which Cometto produces in widths of 2,430 and 3,000 millimetres as well as with axle line loads of 48 and 70 tons, and to the octuple-tyred and 3,000 millimetre-wide ModulMAX in the electronically steered version SP-E. Are you also affected by the aforementioned regulations and need support in order to maintain your production efficiency at a high level? We have the solution! Contact us!

Date of publication: 03/2024

Cometto sets another exclamation mark with hybrid solution
Cometto sets another exclamation mark with hybrid solution
Cometto sets another exclamation mark with hybrid solution
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