Successful premiere for Al Faris with their new Cometto SPMT fleet

The Al Faris Group is one of the major players in heavy lifting and transportation in the Middle East region.

To further expand their possibilities in the specialized haulage sector, they now count on a new fleet of 64 self-propelled MSPE axle lines from Cometto with an axle load of 48 tons, four 331kW Power Pack Units and numerous accessories. Their first successful missions have already confirmed their choice to be the right one.

Experts trusts experts – three words to describe the collaboration between Cometto and the Al Faris team. For their first job in Dubai with the new self-propelled fleet, the operators combined a total of 40 SPMT lines into two side-by-side open compound combinations with 20 axles each. “Two calm buoys had be transported over a distance of 2.5 kilometres within the Jebel Ali Free Zone, from the Fabtech yard to the port, where the general cargo berth is located”, declares the Al Faris operation team the main parameters of the job. The buoys have a length of 16.4 meters and a width of 15.92 meters weighing 336.6 tons and 315 tons.

Two calm buoys on 40 MSPE axle lines

For this mission, the Al Faris team conducted a route analysis in advance and used a new route with road modifications. The wide loads called for a lot of preparation work: sign boards and bollards were removed due to width restrictions. Additionally, the port fence had to be removed as well to enter the berth. A successful cooperation between Al Faris escort vehicles and JAFZA security escort vehicles ensured safe operations - also while the Cometto SPMT fleet had to drive over 700 meters opposite to the normal traffic direction.

Al Faris praises the “technologically advanced equipment”

The double convoy arrived at its destination within one night. The buoys were offloaded by a vessel crane and will be used in the future for the petrochemical industry. Al Faris’ impressions of their new transport equipment by Cometto are clear. The engineering team of the Al Faris Group confirms: “The MSPE series convinces with great quality, its ease of use and it represents technologically advanced equipment that is well-suited for our projects”.  

Founded in 1992, the family-owned company Al Faris Group owns the largest fleet of cranes and heavy equipment in the region today. The new SPMT by Cometto is a new and powerful tool for the upcoming challenges in the self-propelled business.

Publication date: 03/2022

Successful premiere for Al Faris with their new Cometto SPMT fleet
Successful premiere for Al Faris with their new Cometto SPMT fleet
Successful premiere for Al Faris with their new Cometto SPMT fleet
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