New Cometto shipyard transporter delivered to Poland

A new Cometto SYT 6/4 went to Stocznia Szczecińska Sp. z o.o., the former Szczecin Ship Yard, in Poland.

With an impressive total payload capacity of approx. 414.5 ton in only 16 m of length, the SYT 6/4 is equipped with a new high-capacity hydraulic suspension that can handle up to 40t each.

The new Cometto SYT 6/4 is designed for operating in shipyards and transporting any large and heavy ship blocks. It is the third shipyard transporter delivered to the Polish site, after two predecessors that were supplied in the 1990’s. One of them is even still active after an honorable career of more than 25 years!

Higher capacity in smaller platform sizes

The large suspension stroke of the newest Cometto vehicle allows the constant load distribution to all axles and the electronic steering grants the full maneuverability in all conditions.

The transporter consists of twelve axles, of which four are driven and eight are braked. The dimensions of the loading platform adds up to 16,000 x 6,000 mm. There are two operator cabins with air conditioning and a center of gravity display.

Additionally, the SYT 6/4 features a radio remote control, an oil and diesel pre-heater and a grouped greasing system.

According to the customer requirement of reaching higher capacity in smaller platform sizes, Cometto accepted and won this challenge, thereby creating a new opportunity in its range that is now available for each potential customers.

New Cometto shipyard transporter delivered to Poland
New Cometto shipyard transporter delivered to Poland
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