2,000-ton gantry crane rises high on Cometto SPMT

In large harbor areas, gantry cranes play a key role for the distribution of heaviest goods.

Such a new giant had to be delivered recently from the crane manufacturer in South Korea to the final customer in India. For the first trip of around 3 kilometers to the barge, 96 axle lines of Cometto SPMT score with safety and easy handling.

The specialists from Anjeon are well-prepared and have a lot of experience with this kind of jobs. Besides the weight of 2,000 tons, the crane height of 45 meters seems challenging. The route leads from the manufacturing site of Sangsangin in Yulchon to the Yulchon port. After transferring the gantry crane on a barge at the port, it departs to its operating contractor called Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers in India.

Anjeon trusts on the Cometto SPMT technology

As the freight is approx. 120 meters long, the self-propelled modular transporter SPMT needs to be assembled in an open compound. 48 axles of Anjeon’s MSPE EVO2 with a payload capacity of 60 tons per axle line and four Power Pack Units are used on each side on the bottom of the crane. This impressive convoy managed the three-kilometer route safely.

Another successful project by Anjeon with their SPMT fleet from Cometto. Anjeon is currently the most active heavyweight carrier in South Korea. President Han confirms its trust in the reliable and technically advanced technology by Cometto. “Cometto can advise users on how to utilize the trailer in the field as per the customers’ working environment.”

The Cometto MSPE EVO2 series suits them and Anjeon appreciates “the efficient coupling system and excellent performance thanks to the flexible and strong hydraulic force.” 

Finally, also the Power Pack Units’ software represents a real added value for the South Korean operator and their President Han: “It allows to intuitively identify any issue during the operating process of the EVO2 and to respond rapidly at job site.”

2,000-ton gantry crane rises high on Cometto SPMT
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