First Cometto MSPE to Taiwan

CTCI MAC is well-known as a leader in reliable engineering services.

To underline this standing, the company received two combinations of MSPE self-propelled trailers. It is the first delivery of this Cometto product range to Taiwan.

The total volume for the Taiwanese equipment manufacturer includes two 6-axle modules type MSPE 6/4/2,43 with an axle load of 40t, two power packs units with an output of 110 kW each and numerous additional accessories. The complete delivery provides a total payload capacity of approximately 432t.

Perfect combination of quality and performance

CTCI uses the new vehicles for transport projects around the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm. For Giovanni Monti, Cometto’s Head of Sales, “CTCI is a perfect reference in the Asian region to show that the MSPE self-propelled modular trailers are the ideal transport solution for the most complex tasks.”

The customer from Taiwan was impressed by the quality and performance of the product. The collaboration between CTCI and Cometto was completed by a detailed instruction session. First transport jobs have been done immediately.

An offshore windmill jacket section with a weight of 120t and a diameter of 6m was moved inside the production site.

Service provider operating all over the world

Founded in 2007, CTCI Machinery Corporation is an affiliate of CTCI, an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) services provider operating in markets all over the world.

The company manufactures a wide varieties of stationary equipment such as large and heavy towers, spherical storage tanks, heat exchangers, boilers, storage tanks, pipe fittings and steel structures.

CTCI MAC has more than 450 technicians and engineers and provides full-service: from planning, engineering design, procurement, equipment fabrication, test and commissioning to maintenance work.

The company received two combinations of MSPE self-propelled trailers. It is the first delivery of this Cometto product range to Taiwan.
CTCI uses the new SPMT modular trailers for transport projects around the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm.
An offshore windmill jacket section with a weight of 120t and a diameter of 6m was moved inside the production site.
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