300t ship movement on Cometto MSPE 48t

The Italian company TER S.r.l. managed an impressive transportation project.

The convoy was composed of three groups of 4-axle MSPE 48t bogies with a 110kW powerpack each, combined in a triangle configuration: one at the front and two coupled in 4-file at the rear of the ship. With a total payload capacity of 576t, this convoy covered the distance of 8 km from Piombino (Industrial Area of Montegemoni) to Porto Torre del Sale Enel Site in Italy.

High performance for a 50m ship

During the transport, the temporary dismounting of overhead power lines and some road signs was necessary to allow the passage of the cargo with a length of 50m, width of 10m and height of 10m.

“We are really satisfied about the high performance of our self-propelled SPMT”, declares Mr. Massimo Piccini, CEO of TER S.r.l. “We have bought three 4-axle modules and three powerpacks in total.

This forms a very flexible system, which allows us to get many different platform configurations, suitable for all types of industrial transport.”

48t payload per axle line

Besides the impressive payload capacity of 48t per axle line, this self-propelled modular trailer SPMT excels thanks to its versatility and maneuverability.

Furthermore, the  MSPE 48t offers the best compromise between platform dimension, load performance and total investment.

Have a look at this video describing the project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLUAx82Ut1I

300t ship movement on Cometto MSPE 48t
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