108 lignes d'essieu de Cometto pour Hareket!

Un projet impressionnant et important et un énorme compliment pour les produits Cometto.

The delivery has been split in eleven 6-axle modules, eight 4-axle modules and two split modules. That gives an impressive total amount of 108 axle lines ordered by Hareket

The equipment will be used for two projects: Turakurgan Combined Cycle Power Plant Project 900MW and Navoi-2 Combined Heat and Power Plant Project 450 MW. They respectively consist in transports from Kazakhstan port to Uzbekistan Turakurgan for a total of 2,400 km and another transports from Kazakhstan port to Uzbekistan Navoi traveling 1,750 km. 67 heavy cargo units will be transported for a total weight ranging from 97t to 274t.

Hareket Heavy Lifting & Project Transportation Co. is one of the leading corporations in project transportation, heavy and oversize cargo transportation, crane hire and heavy lifting. It’s a known name in the special transport sector and some of their spectacular projects have been awarded in the past. Cometto is proud to be a part of such huge transport challenges also in future.  

MGSL is the new heavy duty modular vehicle produced by Cometto with a technical capacity of 45t per axle line and with the highest bending moment on the market.

MGSL is designed for public roads, off-road transport as well as for inside plant operations.

108 lignes d'essieu de Cometto pour Hareket!
108 lignes d'essieu de Cometto pour Hareket!
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